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Backend: organize Repeater Fields in Tabs?

  • I know that this question is not new,
    i am searching for a simple and reliable solution to organize repeater-fields in tabs in order to make the backend clearer if you have a lot of fields.

    Lets say a repeater represent a content-section and I want to separate this sections.


  • I’m not sure if you mean organizing the sub fields into tabs or repeaters into tabs.

    If you want to have tabs in a repeater set the repeater to display as a block or row and then add tabs as sub fields of the repeater.

  • Hey thank you!
    I want to organize the subfields of a repeater in tabs. So that I will have a new tab if i create a new repeater item.

    I have a repeater called “pages” with a flexible-content subfield called “elements”.

    In the end it would be great to get tags for every “page”


    [Page 1] [Page 2] [Page 3] ……

    > flexible content subfield for page x

    thanks so much!

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