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Auto populate Gravity Forms drop down

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    I am still a beginner php coder and have exhausted all avenues to get this done and I really need help. I want to dynamically populate a Gravity Forms drop down list with the contents of an ACF field. The form I am testing on is a very simple form and not the very extensive one you can find on our website. Users need to register for online training courses and need to fill in the date the want to register but they don’t understand this and just fill in their own dates. We want to prevent this by giving them only the applicable dates to select from. There are more that 20 courses and I use the same form for each course. I got the “Course I want to attend” field to populate dynamically by using the form field options to capture the WordPress post title and put it into the field value. I want to do the same for the date field by putting the contents of the ul on the page generated by ACF repeater field into the drop down list. I cannot get this to work. I did the tutorial about how to put a list of post titles dynamically into the drop down form field but cannot get the ul list to do the same. I also tried some plugins but most are outdated or more expensive that AVADA theme I am using! Can someone please help me solve this problem? I will also post this on the Gravity Forms forum. See my attachment with the ACF code at the bottom as it is in my single.php WordPress file. (just a portion of the code applicable to the Johannesburg dates). I want to put the contents of number 1 into field number 2.

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