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  • I tried to make my website AMP compatible, but there’s almost no content in it since I’m using a lot of custom fields.

    For example: by default the plugin is looking for the featured image (WordPress default). Myself I never use the featured image, I use a custom field for that. Also every other custom field is not recognised and not being used in the AMP version of my pages.

    WordPress AMP plugin:
    Yoast SEO & AMP glue plugin:

  • Hi @eaglejohn

    I’m afraid you need to get it touch with their support instead because they are the ones who know how their plugin works. I believe you can ask them to create a compatibility or ask them how to add a compatibility with ACF. Please keep in mind that you can simply get the custom field value by using the get_field() function.

    I hope this makes sense 🙂

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