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Advice on approach to dynamic questionnaires

  • Hi there,
    I’m looking for some advice on the dev approach to creating dynamic questionnaires with acf pro.

    I have a field group with flexible content that allows editors to create questionnaires for a custom post type “questionnaire”. The editors can add any number of questions to the questionnaire. Some a simple boolean answers, text answers, date / time etc and some are multiple choice with repeaters so they can add in x number of answers for the multiple choice.

    This works fine.

    I also have another custom post type “results” that collect the submissions from users answering the questionnaire. These will be labelled / titled by the title when the questionnaire was created. Which also work fine.

    My question is about how best to collect the results and populate the results post type, keeping the results editable and with the ambition that the results can be analysed later.

    I’m leaning to a process of dynamically creating a new field group every time a new questionnaire is created by the editors. This would simply provide question / answer fields for each question. This field group would be applied to the “results” post type and provide the functionality so that results can be edited in admin.

    I know that the new field group would need a unique id applied to all field names to stop cross-contamination from different questionnaires which can easily be the post id of the “questionnaire” post created.

    So I have a few questions:

    Has anyone tried to do anything similar?
    Do you think there will be issues taking this approach?
    Is that a better way to do this?
    Is this all possible with acf pro?

    Thanks in advance

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