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Advice on Add-on purchase.

  • Hello, i am looking for the ability to have a field replicate as more entries are added overtime to a post. I also need complete control on what, how and where it is added on the page display.

    I noticed there is Flexible Content Field and also Repeater fields. I am confident Flexible Content Field is what i need but kind of hard to be completely sure without testing.

    Any advice would be great.

    Example – I got a quote to a statement. There may be different quotes per statement. Later the statement may be updated with a additional entry to the page as well as additional quotes.

    Always different but needs to be dynamically flexible.

  • Hi @Matthew O’Donnell

    The repeater fiels will create a table like interface where you can pre-define the columns, and then enter as many rows as you wish

    The flexible content field works in a similar way except each row of data can contain different columns to the last, as it has pre-defined layouts

    I hope that helps clear up what the field types do.

    As for you explanation of the ‘quote’, I’m not sure how to advise as I don’t quite understand the requirements / visual of what you are trying to do.

    Please be aware you may also need to use a custom post type for each quote.


  • Best way i can describe it is the stacking order i require needs to be random, with random amounts and able to be customized fully by me.

    So i would have:

    Statement While another might be: Statement
    quote Quote
    quote Updated statement

    In short I am wondering what add on offers the greatest customizing possible while remaining functional. More so due to the random order I would need each element and each element when called say ‘Quote’ would need to be displayed its own unique way.

    So would these ‘layouts’ allow me to customize the layout/structure how I see fit?

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