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Advanced template issues displaying custom fields

  • OK. I have a more advanced complicated issue trying to solve.

    1. I created a custom template called about.
    2. created a new page called about and assigned the template to about.
    3. On this about page I enter content in the WYSIWYG.
    4. I have a CPT called Team Members which I have assigned ACF field group to.
    5. I have created an About Settings ACF field group and attached it to the page template. so in this field group location I set Page Template Equals About. In this field group are normal text fields along with a Repeater.

    6. On my Custom About template I run the normal WP loop to get the content from the About page WYSIWYG.
    7. I then query the Team Members CPT and get the ACF fields for that. Then below that I am trying to get the Fields that are attached to the page template which of course I populate during the About page creation.

    So on page display, I get the content from the WYSIWYG. I get my Team Members but the ACF Fields that are attached to the template will NOT display. It will ONLY display if I place those inside the WP Loop. But that is NOT where those fields need to go.

    The page needs to be displayed as such: WYSIWYG Content -> Team members -> ACF Fields attached to post template.

    I have tried placing everything INSIDE the WP loop and that does not work. I have tried doing two WP loops but of course the WYSIWYG content gets displayed in both, That does not work.

    So does anyone know how I can accomplish my task??

    Thanks in advanced!!


  • It’s impossible to say from the explanation, not matter how detailed, you gave. I have some ideas but I’d just be guessing. You’ll need to supply some code for what you’re attempting. If you can condense it to only what’s needed to see what’s going on that would be great.

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