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Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce menu not showing

  • Hi there, I just bought Advanced Custom Fields for WooCommerce and after installing and activating, I still do not see any “Custom Fields” menu showing.

    I saw video explaining I should first install the Advanced Custom Fields plugin which is supposed to be the parent but that does not give any better results. Can someone tell me how to proceed ? Thx.

  • Hi there… anyone to reply to my question please ?

  • guess you should not have bought it

  • For anyone that comes across this issue, here’s the fix.

    It’s easy to confuse the plugin names, esp. if you’re setting up Woo Commerce.
    Make sure you start with “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin installations, then “Advanced Product Fields for Woo Commerce.” Two separate plugins.

    I originally installed just the second one and I ended up with fields in the Woo admin but not in the WP menu and not in the live products. Searches yielded little. Simple mistake but frustrating, so hope this helps.

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