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Adding Text With External Hyperlink

  • I have been searching through the documentation and support here and cannot find anything that explains if there is a way to create a field type that is simple text with a hyperlink to webpage outside of my site. I have tried the “Page Link” field type but the only available link types are linking to posts, pages, attachments, custom_css, customized_changeset, oembed_cache, cs_template, cs_global_block, cs_header, cs_footer, cs_user templates, etc. When i reviewed the documentation on this page it shows and option to add a url and shows a link type named “LINK” (not “PAGE LINK” as showing in my field type options). Where do I find the field type named just “LINK” as shown on this page where it appears you can add a basic text hyperlink field type?

  • The link field in new in the last few versions of ACF Pro and is not yet available in the free version from the WP repo.

  • I usually add a message field type and change the message with the acf/load_field filter:

    function rosters_away_message($field){
    		$field['message'] = "<button style='color:white; background-color:beige' type='button' class='btn btn-success btn-sm'><a target='blank' href='http://'>Add new</a></button><br /><br />".$roster_final;
    		$field['label'] = " ROSTER";
    		return $field;
    add_filter('acf/load_field/key=field_5929a3d8a859c', 'rosters_away_message');
  • why it is not yet available? i need use it.

  • The developer is working on a version on ACF5 for the WP repo. Until then you need to use some other method. Separate fields for URL and Text would be the easiest.

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