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Adding custom fields search to WordPress search

  • @osakawebbie That’s right, I want to desiring to include only one custom field in the search. And in this case, it doesn’t work properly.

  • Oh, okay. I can’t help with that, as I was interested in including all. Perhaps someone else will help you.

  • Hi there!
    Can you confirm that is woking with sub-fields added to a group? (I mean the ACF Better Search Plugin!

    I have relation sub field added to a group field wich is not searched by wordpress even if the plugin is installed and active.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @donleona an ACF relationship field only stores an ID for the related posts. If you were hoping that you’d be able to also search based on the content/title of the related posts, this is not possible, with or without a plugin.

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