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add_row adds multiple rows

  • Hi,
    I just using add_row. But instead of just adding one new row, it adds 3 new rows?

    The following code is inside the functions.php. For testing, I just reload the page, then reload the post in the backend.

    $usersLeadIDtest2 = "846"; //user id
    $testleadId = "23541"; // id of a post, cpt
    if(is_admin() == false){
        $row = array(
            'superhaendler_bisherigeangebote_repeater_user' => $usersLeadIDtest,
            'superhaendler_bisherigeangebote_repeater_angebot'  => 'lorem ipsum'
        add_row('superhaendler_bisherigeangebote_repeater', $row, $testleadId);
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