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Add value to custom field when creating a product

  • Hello,

    I’m using the rest api to add products to WooCommerce. The products have a custom field called affiliate_link (created with the acf plugin).

    If I manually enter a value into this field, I can display this in the get product response – it looks like: affiliate_link: ‘the new value’

    However, if I try to set the value dynamically. Nothing happens – it looks like: affiliate_link: null


    add_action('rest_api_init', 'rest_api_init_func');
    function rest_api_init_func(){
        register_rest_field('product', 'affiliate_link',
    			'get_callback' => 'the_callback_func_get',
    			'update_callback' => 'the_callback_func_update',
                'schema' => null,
    function the_callback_func_get($post) {
    	$id = $post['id'];
    	$brand_type = get_field('affiliate_link', $id );
    		return $brand_type;
    function the_callback_func_update($value, $post) {
    	$id = $post['id'];
    	update_field('group_5f48ff79c7e23',$value, $id );


"products", {
            fields: {
                affiliate_link: <code>${itemA.affilLink}</code>,

    I’m using the JavaScript Rest API Library:

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to add a value to a custom field when creating a product?

  • You are using the field group key here

    update_field('group_5f48ff79c7e23',$value, $id );

    try using the field key which should look something like field_XXXXXXXX

  • Thanks for the response.

    However, I updated the update_field to:

    update_field('affiliate_link', $value ,$object->get_id());

    With WooCommerce, I had to use get_id().

    I can now programmatically set the custom field value.

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