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Add image button on iPad doesn't work

  • I’m trying to upload an image on iPad using ACF’s image field but for some reason when I click the ‘Add image’ button (to bring up the media panel) nothing happens and I can’t upload anything, yet it works on a desktop computer. It also doesn’t work on iPhone.

    FYI I’m using the latest ACF and Repeater fields on WP 3.7.1 and using iOS7 on both iPad and iPhone to see the issue.

  • Hi @egr103

    When a button does not function as expected, the problem is usually a JS error on the page.

    Normally I would ask you to open your console log and report any JS errors you find, but the iPad makes this a bit difficult.

    This is an older tutorial, but you can enable developer tools on your iPad like so:

    This will allow you to track console log errors.

    Let me know what you find


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