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Add field values based on true/false selector

  • I am using ACF repeater fields to detail square footage of a number of stores in a number of different outlet properties.

    Here’s my field setup:
    Space (text, space)
    Square Footage (number, square_footage)
    Key Tenant (text, key_tenant)
    Available (true/false, available)

    And again as an example:
    Space – Square Footage – Key Tenant – Available
    0001 – 2,309 – Kroger – False
    0002 – 2,009 – Belk – False
    0003 – 2,000 – AVAILABLE – True
    0004 – 1,500 – AVAILABLE – True
    0005 – 2,000 – Ross – False

    What I need to figure out is how to sum the square footage of available properties and display on the front end. So for the example above, Space 0003 + Space 0004 = square footage available (maybe available_square_footage).

    How do I set the AVAILABLE fields to calculate? I need something to say IF true, THEN add square_footage and output to a new field (maybe available_square_footage).

  • this is just a general idea, I can’t give a specific example because information about the fields your using is incomplete.

    $total_footage = 0;
    if (have_rows('repeater')) {
      while (have_rows('repeater')) {
        if (get_sub_field('available')) {
          $total_footage += get_sub_field('square_footage');
    echo $total_footage;
  • Thank you John. When using ACF with Elementor, where do I enter the above code?

  • I don’t know anything about elementor, can’t answer that question for you.

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