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Add custom field to "Create category popup"

  • Hello!

    I wonder how can I add additional fields to a popup window where you can create a new category? I have custom field on category created with acf.


  • There isn’t a way to add fields to this popup and there is nothing in ACF that will save the values, or a hook that you can use to save the values.

    This could only be done if you would build a custom taxonomy field type that includes a hook that lets you add custom fields to it and a custom save function to update the values in those fields.

  • Now it is 2 years over. Maybe now exist this option? Now i realy need this functions. Can you help me with this?

  • No, there still is not a way to add custom fields to this or have those custom fields saved for the term.

  • I am looking for the same solution. Even more, I’m looking for a way to get custom fields into the “create category popup”. Is there anything new half a year later?


    There is a feature Request for ACF Extended:
    If this feature is implemented at some day, this would probably be a solution. However, I would prefer if there was a functionality like this implemented as a core feature in ACF. I don’t want to have to install an additional plugin because of a single extension.


    Is there a way to replace the + button with a target=”_blank” link, to open the standard “Create category popup” in another popup? This would help a lot. That would help a lot. We could insert a new entry via the standard form and search for it in our ACF. The content is always loaded from the database via Ajax. So we are able to find our new entry without refreshing the page. Or am I wrong?

  • The popup that we are talking about is the standard WP popup for adding a category/tag/term, not something supplied by ACF. I do not know of any way to modify this popup.

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