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Add category name to body classes

  • Hi,

    It seems that the dropdowm menu I choose the categories from when I edit an article as been implemented with ACF.
    It would explain why the solution I saw everywhere to add the category name in the body classes does not work for me. It does nothing.
    I am talking about this one there to put in function.php :

      function add_category_to_single($classes) {
        if (is_single() ) {
          global $post;
          foreach((get_the_category($post->ID)) as $category) {
            // add category slug to the $classes array
            $classes[] = $category->category_nicename;
        // return the $classes array
        return $classes;

    So I guess there is a way to achieve that with a different code assuming this category dropdown was implemented with ACF.

    I’d be really happy if you can help me for this first ever question I ask here ?

  • I thought I should add more details.
    Here are my investigations :
    There is a screen capture of my post edition page attached.
    I found a json file in my theme that seems to deal with categories in an ACF-jon folder :

        "key": "group_5ac5d1e87ab94",
        "title": "Categorie",
        "fields": [
                "key": "field_5ad704be7333f",
                "label": "Afficher la cat├ęgorie courante",
                "name": "afficher_les_articles_dans_la_page_categorie",
                "type": "true_false",
                "instructions": "",
                "required": 0,
                "conditional_logic": 0,
                "wrapper": {
                    "width": "",
                    "class": "",
                    "id": ""
                "message": "",
                "default_value": 1,
                "ui": 1,
                "ui_on_text": "",
                "ui_off_text": ""
        "location": [
                    "param": "taxonomy",
                    "operator": "==",
                    "value": "categorie"
        "menu_order": 0,
        "position": "normal",
        "style": "default",
        "label_placement": "top",
        "instruction_placement": "label",
        "hide_on_screen": "",
        "active": 1,
        "description": "",
        "modified": 1530175641

    And finally that’s what I tried to add in function.php with no success :

    add_filter('body_class', 'add_acf_body_class');
    function add_acf_body_class($class) {
        $value = get_field('afficher_les_articles_dans_la_page_categorie', false, false);
        $class[] = $value; 
        return $class;
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