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acf_register_block_type and hooks/filters and logic

  • Hello,

    I developing custom Gutenberg blocks with ACF by using acf_register_block_type
    Used this manual which is really helpful.

    However I did not found the best place to put logic which register hooks/filters calls.

    For example, I have a block which has button and textbox and when I click on the button it needs to send data entered in the textbox to a server to do validation.

    Basically I use

    add_action(‘wp_ajax_nopriv_my_validation_api’, my_validation_api’);

    As you can see I cannot place this action registration login into template view

    ‘render_template’ => ‘template-parts/blocks/my_block/template.php’

    I had to put it in function.php which I think not the best place as such logic ideally needs to be incapsulated in block itself (additional php file? to do hook/filters and custom logic before rendering a block).

    Also when dozens for custom blocks are created – functions.php gets messy with all hook/filter registrations.

    The question is what is the best place to put such logic so it would be as a part of a block – not a part of functions.php

    Thank you

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