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acf_form() and conditional logic

  • I’m trying to load some custom fields in the front end, to do this I use the code

    $GLOBALS['my_query_filters'] = array( 
    	'country'	=> 'field_5f1325ac1e3d0', 
    	'region_spain'	=> 'field_5f13252bf57f5',
    	'region_portugal'	=> 'field_5f141f15d6e94'
                            'id' => 'search filter',
                            'post_id'       => false,
                            //'field_groups' => "tournament_details",
                            'fields' => $GLOBALS['my_query_filters'],
                            'submit_value'  => __('Update meta')

    I the fields “region_” both have conditional logic to be shown only if the matching country is selected. But this logic is not working on my custom code (It works well when I create a post.)

    However, when I use the above code fields are created properly with data-conditions='[[{“field”:”field_5f1325ac1e3d0″,”operator”:”==”,”value”:”Portugal”}]]’but there’s seems to be a problem with the JS

    Any help?

  • I’m not sure, but it could have to do with the key=>value pairs of your array.

    You could try 'fields' => array_values($GLOBALS['my_query_filters']),

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