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acf_add_local_field_group and using frontend form doesn't work

  • I am having an issue with advanced Custom Fields acf_add_local_field_group it works all fine in the admin, however, if I use this with acf_form no fields display I have used the key for field_groups and tried to place fields in the form args.

    I have printed my groups and the one I have programmatically created is not there, would this stop acf_form from working? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Actually, I did work this was being silly I didn’t add the fields I needed to the argument. I looped through my created fields and added the keys into the form

    $fields = new HAELCP_Subscriptions_Acf($this->plugin);
    				$get_fields = $fields->register_fields($subscription->get_id());
    				if ($get_fields){
    					$fields_to_get = array();
    					foreach ($get_fields['fields'] as $key => $field){
    							$fields_to_get[] = $field['key'];
    					'post_id'	=> $subscription->get_id(),
    					'field_groups' => array($subscription->get_id()),
    					'fields' => $fields_to_get
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