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ACF + WPML – options + link + error

  • Hi all,
    I have one problem with compatibility between ACF and WPML. I used this combination more than once and I think it’s pretty amazing comb.

    Unfortunately I have one problem with missing posts (pages) from other languages.

    My primary language is Czech and I have English as secondary. In my options page I have some fields and every fields working good except Page Link. When I want to choose or search some page in English I’ve got “Loading error”. You can see it on this screenshot and of course I have few pages in English created I don’t know where the problem is because everything else is just working fine.

    I’m using the neweset purchased ACF PRO and WPML too.

    Thank you for every response.

  • Hi @thealuminium,

    Could you please check the network tab of Google Chrome’s developer tool? I’ve attached a screenshot for your reference.

  • Hi James,
    actual status is that I had to resolve it some way so I’ve changed the ajax field of links to (manual) text field for links.

    Anyway I’ve tried it now on my test server same function/fields (Page Link) and it is working. But I don’t know what is different.

    I have another site with this type of fields in multilanguage so I will test it there and I will write you back.

    By the way thank you for response.

  • Hi James,
    everything is ok, so maybe it was a bug on hosting or incompatibility with some plugin.

    Thanks for reply.

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