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ACF & WPML: Access options page in specific language

  • Hi,

    I am trying to access the content of ACF options fields in a specific language.

    For example I have a field called “email_text”. This field is available in English and German.
    Now I’d like to always get the German email_text value, irregardless of which language is currently active.

    I’ve found this snippet in your docs, which I am currently using:

    		$lang = $_POST['lang'];
    		add_filter('acf/settings/default_language', 'my_acf_settings_default_language');
    		function my_acf_settings_default_language( $language ) {
    			if($lang == "") $lang = "de";
    			return $lang;

    However it just returns an empty value, if I access the options page field like so right below the above function:
    $message = get_field('email_text', 'options');

    Do you guys know a solution to this?
    Renaming the fields to en_email_text, de_email_text, etc. is not an option.


  • Hi @philex

    ACF uses the setting ‘current_language’ to modify the $post_id, not the ‘default_language’.

    I believe it would be possible to simply use this code instead of the filter:
    $message = get_field('email_text', 'options_de');

    You can check your wp_options table to double check what the language code is used in the option_name.


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