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ACF with AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

  • Hello, I’m wondering wether it is possible to use ACF fields with AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro. I have a custom content type (built programmatically) and have been using WP custom fields. ACF offers way better expĂ©rience through official edition / post page but fields are not listed in AP Anonymous Post Pro.

    Can it be done ?
    Will work with ACF Pro ?

  • This would depend on if the other plugin allows you to modify the templates that it uses. If the templates can be modified, or if they provide hooks that let you add content to the templates, then you could potentially add an acf_form() inside of the existing form created by that plugin with the 'form' options set to false.

    You’d need to find out from the developers of the other plugin if it’s possible to add fields inside of their form and to modify the header output to include the call to acf_form_head()

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