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ACF Repeater rest api

  • I know it is not the job of the ACF Team to help with this kind of problems but I hope someone can give me a hint or tell me how to do it correctly and get it working, The original plugin author of acf-to-rest-api is not giving any answers and is inactive, so I hope the ACF team will build WP-Rest API support in future inside the ACF Plugin, And now here my question.

    I work with WordPress rest api and ACF for wp in combination with ACF to Rest api, so all my custom fields are visible in the rest api of wp. Now since I use the pro version of acf I have also the custom field repeater fields they are also visible in the api and crud operations can be done via this endpoint /wp-json/acf/v3/mycpt/37/ But when I send a POST with new data to add additional data the old repeater field gets only updated and not a new one added as I expected, then I have tried to use PUT instead of POST but same thing it gets updated instead of added as new data.

        "fields": {
            "myrepeater": [
                    "title": "ivwa33",
                    "description": "jewwsbbb33o",
                    "label": "bb33b"

    This is how my body looks like
    I use Postman for testing

    Any help would be very helpful, Thank you!

  • Were you able to figure this out?

  • I have same Issue facing, I have passed data from postman to the website using REST API methos POST but ACF Repeater data not insert, can you please help me to solving out this issue?

    "fields": {
                   "accordion_questions_answer": [
                    "accordion_pstypeunqquestion": "accord_question 1",
                    "accordion_uqpeanswer": "accord_answer 2",
                    "interlinear_stories_text": "accord_interlinear 12"

    can you please help me as soon as posssible?

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