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ACF Pro v5.3.9.2 does not see new updates

  • I have quite a few websites running the Pro v5.3.9.2 and they are not getting the “update available” notification for v5.3.10. This issue seems to be only with the version v5.3.9.2.
    Some other sites that were running v5.3.9.1 or older, were able to identify the v5.3.10 and update normally via the dashboard.
    In one of the sites that I had problem with, I deleted the v5.3.9.2 and installed an older version ( and as soon as I activated it, it immediately picked up the 5.3.10 update. That may show that there is an issue with the v5.3.9.2


  • Hi @harrison

    That’s weird. I’ve just installed version again and it showed the notification. Could you please click the “Check Again” button on “Custom Fields > Updates”? If that doesn’t work, could you please check if there’s an error message returned?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Hey James, thanks for the reply. After playing with deactivating and reactivating my license, the update started showing for some of the sites. Some others, I just deleted the plugin and uploaded a the latest version.

    Thanks again.

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