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ACF PRO Repeater Tabs

  • UPDATE: Now has duplication, and drag & drop sorting enabled!

    A tabbed-view extension to Advanced Custom Field PRO’s repeater fields.

    Once you have installed and activated, you will find a new checkbox when setting up your repeater fields called “Activate Repeater Tabs”.

    Turn this on, and the repeater tabs will appear for this field.

    Recently fixed issues with nested repeaters.

    This works best with the “Block” view, however works with all three (Table, Block, Row).


  • This looks pretty sweet mate, thanks for your work on this.

    • robhuska

    • September 22, 2017 at 12:32 am

    Just tried installing this on a build that I am pretty far into. It seems to have issues with flexible content field. Have you experienced this?

  • I can not add new row via standard button. (Use block view).

    How to i can remove delete all rows, copy & collapse action?

  • Hi James,

    Love this plugin but Im having some major issues with it that I hope you can solve. I’m grateful that you have made this plugin and I hope I can get this to work. Ideally I think a feature like tabbed repeaters should be native in the acf plugin and I hope they do it someday. All of my implementations are within flexible layouts.

    Anyway heres my list, I hope you’re still servicing this plugin:

    – The add row button on the repeater adds a new row but wont add a new tab until you hit the ‘+’ on the tabbed nav. If I hit add row 5 times nothing will appear until you engage the tab nav and then all 5 new tabs will appear. Not a major problem but not amazing either.

    – Deleting a repeater row doesn’t delete the tab. there is no delete button for a single tab in the tab nav(only delete all) and using the acf delete button deletes the row but doesn’t delete the tab. You’re just left with an empty tab. If you create and delete multiple tabs you wind up with a pretty confusing tabbed nav.

    – The next and biggest issue has rendered this plugin unusable for me. I am using this repeater inside of a flexible field layout. Everything was working satisfactory until I changed the ‘add row’ text of the flexible field button and now all flexible layouts within the flexible field have disappeared on the edit page screen wherever the field group is in use. I can see the flexible layouts present in the ‘clones’ div inside of markup inspector but the flexible layouts themselves have been removed from the dom.

    My acf field looks similar to this:

    – Flexible Field
    — Flexible Layout 1
    — Tabbed Repeater
    — Flexible layout 2
    — etc

    This is puzzling because the tabbed repeater is a child of a child of the field that is being affected. This is also happening on any edit page view where ‘Flexible Layout 1’ appears even though the tabbed repeater layout isn’t even in use. Changing the button back to its original state didn’t fix the problem, the only that fixes the problem is disabling the tabbed repeater plugin.

    So unfortunately I have to leave the plugin disabled and go back to native acf repeater functionality :*(

    I’m on WP version 4.9.4
    and ACF Pro Version 5.6.8

    Cheers for any help,

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