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ACF Pro Front End Taxonomy Field Loading Failed

  • Hi

    I have a number of CPT with ACF fields attached. The CPTs also have various taxonomy fields associated with them.

    All is working fine in the back-end – (screenshot below).

    ACF Pro Backend Taxonomy Single Select Field

    So I’m trying to get a corresponding form created on the front end using acf_form but the same Taxonomy Single Entry Select field fails with the error message “Loading Failed” on the front end:

    ACF Pro Taxonomy Field Single Select in front end form

    I am only declaring :

    									$options = array(
    'post_id' =>87,
    'fields' =>array(
    'submit_value' => 'Update Staff Member',
    									acf_form( $options );

    I’ve taken a look at F12 > Network on the front end and it looks like the nonce and post_id values are blank – is this relevant?

    blank nonce on ajax call

    I’ve been searching through the Forums with no success but is this related to search2.js?

    I’ve also noticed this is happening with the User Select field on the front end as well. I’m using ACF PRO 5.2.3 with WP 4.2.2

  • Hello. I’m facing the same issue. Hope Elliot can help us!

  • Hi Chris and Benjamin,

    ACF uses the select2 library for the fancy ajax dropdowns.
    Can you make sure that you don’t have any other plugins loading the select2 library on front end?

    Also make sure that the version loaded on your frontend is 3.5.1.

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