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ACF Pro fields not appearing in Field Groups Page

  • So I have been having an issue with my ACF Pro install recently. I created a new field group to display on a certain page. However, after I created the field group, the option to add fields would still not show up for me. I have made sure that the “Fields” checkbox is checked in screen options, as it seems that is a common reason as to why the fields are not displaying on the Field Groups page. I then changed my theme to the vanilla 2019 theme by wordpress to make sure there were no errors in my functions code that would potentially cause the issue. Finally, I deactivated each plugin one by one, until ACF Pro was the only plugin active on my site and the custom fields still were not showing. The custom fields have been showing for me before so I’m confused as to why they aren’t working now. The site I’m working on is set up with MAMP using PHP 7.3.1. My version for ACF Pro is 5.8.6. Can you please help me get the plugin working again? It’s also worth noting that there are no console errors appearing in my browser either. Please let me know what you can do to help out! Thank you.

  • the only thing I can think of here is that your have a javascript file that is completely missing. Are you getting any warnings in console about not being able to load any scripts?

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