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acf pro activations and empty site

  • Hi!

    I use acf a lot. I have a (personal) license of acf-pro and use it on a live site. Now I’m in the process of developing a new version of that website (different theme and some other tweaks) locally on a MAMP server setup.

    Everything went just fine, until I needed to update the acf plugins on my live site (and for testing purposes also on my local development site off course). I updated the live site and immediately afterwards the local development site.

    Now however, both the live and the local development site, only show ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ on the frontpage. Backend works fine. Very strange behaviour indeed.

    As I was updating the acf pro plugin I suspect the problem originated there. disabling other plugins did not solve the problem on either site.

    Is it because at a moment on both sites the acf pro license was activated? And if so, what should I do to reverse/solve this?

    I tried deactivating the acf pro license on the local site as well as deactivating them both but nothing helps.

    Hope someone can point me to a solution….

    Thanks in advance,


  • Oops, my bad.
    Turned out another plugin was to blame after all: reGenerate Thumbnails – advanced was the culprit.

    My apology.

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