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acf post object showing no posts to select from dropdown

  • Need urgent help. The post object type returning me no data/post in the dropdown to select the posts from. I have around 6 posts in that post type, it was working fine before but now it is showing no posts object in the drop down to select me from.

    Here is the screenshot:

    What can be the issue?

    • ssuess

    • April 16, 2019 at 11:57 pm

    Same problem here, and also need urgent help.

    • ssuess

    • April 17, 2019 at 1:27 am

    FYI, I solved this by installing the PRO version 5.7.13. I had the non pro version installed at 5.7.12 and had the problem mentioned above. Not sure why it isn’t working in the non pro version, but if you have pro, go ahead and install that.

  • I’m having the same problem now. Using ACF PRO 5.8.8 and the posts that are supposed to show up in my Post Object field are showing up in the dropdown (they were definitely there before, site is nearly 2 years old; not sure when they stopped). Only one random post shows up when I click the select.

  • This is usually cause by a JS or PHP error during the AJAX request to get the post list. Check console for JS erros. Turn on error logging to see if there are php errors during the request

  • I’m having the same problem. Custom post type not showing up in select list. Tried including taxonomy too per this post but that didn’t help. Nothing in debug log. Running Twenty-theme (with only ACF Pro and CPT UI active plugins) as am already trying to debug why Post Object field was showing multiple select fields and then not saving any selection in custom theme. Any suggestions?

  • Hi @drm10014 not sure if this will help you, but I was having the same issue and managed to work around it by nesting the post object in a repeater field. Good luck!

  • Thanks @vivyane-fernando. I cleaned out a wonky function in my custom theme and now all problems seem resolved for now although I didn’t retest with Twenty-twenty theme. Custom posts showing up and saving again with custom theme so that’s the important thing for now.

  • I have made a taxonomy with car type with two options

    I select a post from (add car) and select taxonomy (sale)

    But when i made a Post Object field with post of (add car) to select post that has category selected (sale) its showing empty but when i remove the taxonomy select options and select the category has whole (car type ) it shows all the posts ???
    how can i fix this

    link :

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