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ACF Post Object (Product Selection) and Elementor Dynamic Tags

  • Hi,

    I have created a new custom post type (Specials)
    In this post type there is currently 1 post (Desktop Size)
    In this post I have an ACF Field (Post Object) that filters by Product and returns Post ID.

    So what this basically does is allows a user to select a product in the post (Desktop Size).

    I have a page on my site for Specials, so I would like the product that was selected in that post to be displayed on the Specials page of my site. I basically want the returned value (Post ID) of my ACF field to dynamically populate the Product ID in the widget I am using in Elementor.
    However, my custom field does not show up as a key when selecting Dynamic Tags.

    Basically looking for any solution that would allow the user to choose the products in the Custom Post and then display these products on my Specials page.

    We do not want to use the native Woocommerce Sale feature due to various reasons.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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