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ACF Panel in another location positioned only on one user

  • Hello to all,

    after having exhausted all the resources where you should be able to locate the option to reset the position of a panel, I have decided to ask it here in the hope of getting a solution.

    A few years ago I created a website managed by several people, two days ago, one of them told me that after a change he made on the website, the panel created with ACF for a specific taxonomy and the YOAST panel, which are usually at the bottom, is now located in the editor tools panel, along with the post image, permalink, etc… I thought I had made some change in the ACF configuration, but when I logged in I saw that the only admin is me and the others are editors, a role that is quite limited. Does anyone have any idea how a user can make this modification without sufficient privileges and without having access to the code (in this there have been no changes, I have the project linked locally)?

    I can remove some custom panels from the sidebar of the post and put them under the editor, but I can’t reposition them.

    Thank everyone

  • WP has added arrows to move metaboxes. These arrows are extremely easy to hit when expanding and collapsing field groups and other metaboxes on the page. Anyone that is allowed to edit posts is allowed to alter the order that metaboxes are displayed for themselves and should not affect the order that is shown to others.

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