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ACF Options Page value not output correctly

  • Hi there,

    we use ACF Pro heavily on a clients website.
    The options page saves all the changes like other images or text.
    So I save an image, a headline and a url for example.
    But on the front-end the changes are not output correctly.

    I usually have two fields for each option I want to save – one for german and one for english. The german options are output fine after I change them on the options page – the english ones don’t. For the english ones it outputs stuff that is not there. I tried to remove the URL from the english URL field completely and it still returns something in the front-end.

    I select which ones to output based on WPML’s ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE==’en’ or ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE==’de’ and it works fine except for the stuff that comes from the options page which is english and called after if(ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE==’en’)

    And it worked up until a couple of days ago. It might have started once I removed the old version and the old add-ons of ACF – the version before everything was moved into one plugin. But I am not sure. That is the only thing I changed within the last couple of months. But it would be funny because these 4 plugins (ACF, Repeater, Options and flexible content) have been deactivated by me once we installed and activated ACF 5 PRO and have been deactivated since. So not sure why this should lead to such a problem.

    I already tested if it is the WPML if else but it is not the output works fine if I just echo text or type a URL manually in the href tag.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Hi @sammy262

    could you perhaps post some sample code of what’s not working 🙂 It’ll help me get my head around your issue

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  • Hi Daniel,

    I’m trying to keep my other channels such as Skype and Facebook non-professional so I’d rather not 🙂

    But you could do a short screencast using skype or some other software. there’s also a few online options out there like:

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