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ACF in TablePress-Plugin-FrontEnd

  • Hey,
    is it possible to show the custom fields while creating a table with TablePress?
    I’ve set up ACF like this: “article-type = tablepress-table”, but there are no custom fields while creating a table…
    Thanks for this nice plugin.

  • Tablepress does not use a post type, It uses custom admin pages added using add menu page functions. So basically the answer is no.

    It might be possible to use an acf_form() on these pages, but if tablepress does not provide any hooks for modifying it’s admin pages then you’d need to edit the PHP of those pages to make this work. You’re best bet to an answer to this would be to ask the folks over at tablepress if it’s possible to add custom meta fields to their pages.

  • Thanks for your fast answer.

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