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ACF Group after Post Excerpt

  • Hi!,

    I would like to know how to tell ACF to load the “acf-group_{ID}” postbox after “postexcerpt.”. It is because I want the built-in WordPress Excerpt to be under “Content editor” always, and then, the ACF content.

    Thank you very much!.

  • This is not something that ACF can control. When a field group is first added the default, original location is decided by when WP invokes the hook for displaying custom meta boxes.

    After this point, any user can drag these sortable meta boxes to any order they wish and WP will remember that order. In the _usermeta table there is an entry for each user and each post type. For example for posts the meta_key is meta-box-order_post the key is created like "meta-box-order_{$post_type}". This db entry stores a serialized array that records the order that the sortables were in the last time that the user saved a post.

    In order to take control and force these to a specific configuration for your post you would need to get this entry and update it every time the user logs in, or saves a post, or at other times to ensure that they are in the order that you want them.

    Check out this for some possible solutions

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