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acf gallery no basic uploader option

  • Hello,
    I use this small and free plugin to put forms in fontend

    everything works perfectly except a big problem a very big problem that I can’t solve (for now?).
    acf gallery does not have a basic uploader option. instead opens wp media.
    I spent days and hours with google trying to understand why we don’t have choice of a simpler and more attractive uploader for gallery for frontend users ?
    maybe the authors of acf have not planned this situation?

    Maybe you can lead me for a solution or think about this problematic situation.

    Thank you for your time

  • after a long investigation, with many solutions in the marketplace.
    none can solve this problem.
    it seems to me that it is time for acf gallery to evolve a little bit or have an way to allow us to select a basic uploader option for gallery or an easier way presentable for frontend forms.
    maybe another special add-on gallery ?
    for suscribers and users
    (for admin the wp uploader is perfect )

    like millions of people I use acf gallery connected to the elementor gallery widget.

    I hope to receive a positive opinion on the subject

    thank you

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