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ACF front end form autosave – possible?

  • Hi all,

    I’m using ACF Pro for a frontend form using the acf_form() function. I want to autosave the form periodically. I checked and I can see that a few others have requested this feature in 2016 but I can’t see it’s actually ever been baked into the plugin? Before I go ahead and spend time building something using custom javascript I just wanted to ask if maybe I’ve missed anything? Is it possible to autosave front end ACF forms out of the box? My form does have a gallery field, a file upload and a image field so it’s not just simple text values I’m handling.

    Much appreciated

  • Hi Kevin,

    Do you already know if this is possible?
    I also would like to have this feature.

    With kind regards, Roderik

  • The answer is that this is not possible in ACF without building something custom. I don’t know of anything that has been built to do this.

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