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ACF file field details missing

  • plugins:
    Media Library Folders

    We have both plugins active. The MLF allows for selecting folders where files should be saved to under the uploads directory.

    Using a ACF field type of file.

    Within a Post when adding a file it uses the native WP popup displaying the folder structure to assist in saving the file where desired.

    When editing the file uploaded immediately after, all file details are displayed.

    After saving the Post. Edit the Post and edit the file that was uploaded. No file details are displayed.

    I have a support issue open with MLF, but they say the edit popup is probably an ACF edit form. Seeing as there is are classes acf-expanded acf-media-modal in the popup form, it is at least modified by ACF.

    Has anyone else encountered anything simliar?

    Is there an ACF hook that I can override?

  • this is actually a back-end issue. created a new thread there

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