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ACF fields only showing the default value

  • I created a field group with some custom fields in ACF. Added them to a custom post type. And created a new post. But over the page its only grasping the default values of acf fields. I dont get why? Am I missing any setting ?

  • You need to provide more detail, what code are you using? What template/file did you put the code in?

  • Hi,

    I am using elementer pro with ACF. It works fine when I create my template as Section or Single Post. That means it does show the values. But when I add that section template to my front page, It does not, or does show the default values I put in the ACF data fields. Not showing the values from my post. Can someone help me with that.

  • When using elementor you need to use something that can get the acf values from other posts, like some type of template with a loop or something. I’m not very familiar with doing this in elementor, but when you want to get a field from another post in ACF you have to give ACF the post ID. You need to search out how to do what you want with elementor.

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