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ACF Fields not working properly after updating to 5.5

  • It seems as if nearly all of my ACF fields are broken after updating to WordPress 5.5. Issues I’ve noticed so far:
    Wysiwyg editor: Add media button doesn’t work. Visual and Text tabs do not work. Nothing happens when I click these buttons. I can edit text in the field, and the formatting buttons(center, bold, etc) seem to be working
    Link Field: can not add a link to empty field. Can not edit field with existing link. Can not remove link from field. Nothing happens when I click these buttons.
    Image field: same issues as link field
    Button group field: Clicking on the buttons does nothing.

    EDIT: After some more testing, it appears that this issue is coming from the SEO Ultimate Plus plugin that I’m using on my sites. When I disable this plugin, everything works as normal. I’m assuming the SEO plugin is preventing the ACF scripts from running.

  • I’m also experiencing these issues right now. I have no SEO plugin installed.

  • deactivating and reactivating plugins after WP update works

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  • I have the same issue with picture custom field.
    I deactivate my SEO plugin and ACF, purge my cache plugin.
    But no changes. I still cannot add a new picture.
    Anyone has an idea?

  • “Add file” button does not work any longer in a custom field group. Deactivating and reactivating plugin does not help.

  • WP 5.5 caused issues with many plugins that cause the plugins to have JS errors. JS errors in the admin cause unknown effects, including preventing ACF from functioning correctly. WP 5.5.1 has reduced this, however, it may not fix all plugins. You need to find out what other plugins are having issues (deactivate all plugins and reactivate them on at a time to figure out if there is a conflict and it causes an issue), what those issues are (what JS errors are happening) and report these issues to the developers of those plugins.

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