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ACF fields missing Gutenberg block

  • Hello,

    I have ACF PRO 6.1.6 installed and have two environments one local and one staging which need to be the same. The fields created in the local environment are showing correctly however on the staging some are missing.
    Here are some screenshots

    As you can see from the images the tab icon options -+ are missing as well as some other fields bellow the Data field. Also the fields do exist they just remain hidden. No extra CSS is added to hide those fields it’s simply from ACF itself.

    What i have tried to far is both environment are synced with the JSON files. I’ve also tried to remove the staging field group and import again from the local environment. That doesn’t work either. Cleared and disabled cache also doesn’t work. There are no conditions on those fields either.

    What steps should i take or check in order to get the fields appear again? Thanks.

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