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ACF fields in user registration with Memberpress

  • I’m trying to incorporate ACF fields (a name, link, and hopefully a field to upload a logo file) in a front-end user registration page with the Memberpress plugin managing registrations. I’ve got a field group that is set to display for any User Form, but it’s only showing up in the back end when I try to edit a profile.

    Is there code I can add to functions or something else I can do to have this field group show up anywhere the WordPress registration form and user profile fields are shown?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Just checking in on this again. Hoping someone has an answer since I can’t seem to find the answer in the documentation.

  • You need to check with the makers of the other plugin and ask them if there are any hooks or how you go about modifying their front end form. Once you know that you would use to add your fields.

  • @psgmarketing Did you get your question answered?

    I am looking to do something similar.

  • Guess not spyglassweb. I’m looking to do the same unfortunately…

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