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ACF field displaying where it should not

  • Hello all, I wish you healthy.

    I have created a custom field (text) to display on pages and posts excepted the homepage and the Woocommerce products.

    So I have defined the rule as:
    – Post type is equal to post
    – Page is not equal to “the name of the page”

    It works fine, the field is well displayed to all the posts editor and in the page as well excepted the homepage.

    But… it also displays on all the Woocommerce products…

    I have tried to add one more rule as:
    – Post type is not equal to Product

    But nothing changes, the field is still on the products pages. The only way to remove it is to delete the rule for the pages… as soon as I define a rule to display the field on the pages (not the posts), it also appears on the Woocommerce products.

    What did I not understand?

    Thanks, have a nice day!

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