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ACF data disappears after updating plugin

  • I update ACF PRO from 5.8.6 to 5.8.7 and something wrong happened because I lost all data stored in custom fields for taxonomies.
    I checked the database, and the wp_termmeta table is really missing the data.

    Regardless, I have a database backup, so I restored the old table, but ACF fields are not read.

    So I make a try, I inserted a new value from ACF, I found it in the database, I changed it (some letters of a word, just to try, from phpMyAdmin) but in ACF I can see only the old entries and not the modified one. I don’t change the second field, the one with field_ecc…

    What I’m wrong? There’s a kind of cache? Where are stored data if I change it in database but they don’t change in frontend? There’s a why to force a refresh?

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