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ACF custom field on media library images – EssGrid

  • I’ve made some fields for media library images with ACF then I created the Meta References / Aliases for those fields in EssGrid plugin and then a custom grid with images.

    I don’t know, because none of that custom fields values appears, if is possible or not show media custom fields values on essential grid or if I’ve made some mistakes.

    <select id=”acf-field_5dcd32a40a279″ class=”” name=”acf[field_5dcd32a40a279]” data-ui=”0″ data-ajax=”0″ data-multiple=”0″ data-placeholder=”Select” data-allow_null=”0″><option value=”Rivestimento murale”>Rivestimento murale</option><option value=”Rivestimento muretto”>Rivestimento muretto</option><option value=”G”>G</option><option value=”H” selected=”selected” data-i=”0″>H</option><option value=”A”>A</option><option value=”B”>B</option><option value=”C”>C</option><option value=”F”>F</option><option value=”E”>E</option></select>

    Essential Grid custom meta reference requires name of the input field to fetch field’s data which doesn’t exist in ACF fields.

    That data-name attribute is attached to TR tag which cannot be used for fetching data as TR is for Table Row.

    Which label / name or attribute can be used by a third party plugin to fetch ACF field’s data?

    Thank you

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