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ACF breaks post edit screen

  • Hello,
    I’ve a really weird problem:

    If I publish a page, everything works fine. But when I switch to a page template using ACF-fields and update the page it changes the permalink to the one of an old page and the settings-widget in the sidebar (where you change the page template) remains empty.

    If I deactivate ACF everything works fine again.

    The weird thing: I’ve a older version of the same website on my local environment. I’ve updated everything to the same version as the production server and it works fine. No problems!
    But a direct copy of the current production server on my local environment shows the same problem.

    WP 4.9.9
    ACF Pro 5.7.10
    No errors in the debug.log, no JS-Errors in the Console.
    I’ve deactivated the other plugins one by one: No change.

    So, my current guess is, that we got a database problem. Maybe an update gone wrong? It’s a WooCommerce-Site with a huge database.

    Was there a database update in one of the recent ACF Pro versions?
    Any other Ideas?

  • By the way: Going back to an older Version of ACF Pro doesn’t solve the problem. I tried all Versions down to 5.7.0.

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