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ACF Blocks rendered in frontend only when logged in

  • I have a strange behaviour.

    i work with acf blocks in a lot of my custom themes. suddenly in one of my themes my custom acf blocks do not work anymore correctly.

    an basic example block:

            'name'              => 'alert',
            'title'             => __('Alert', JL_TEXTDOMAIN),
            'description'       => __('A custom Alert block.', JL_TEXTDOMAIN),
            'render_template'   => 'template-parts/blocks/alert.php',
            'category'          => 'jl-blocks',
            'icon'              => 'megaphone',
            'keywords'          => array( 'alert', 'note' ),
            'supports'          => array( 'anchor' => true )

    the block is perfectly showing up in the gutenberg backend and also in the frontend BUT ONLY WHEN IM LOGGED IN. if im not logged in i think the_content filters out the acf blocks

  • Does no one have the same problem? Blocks perfectly showing when logged in i think it has something to do with $is_preview? the_content() just doesnt apply the blocks. trying to solve it for hours

  • The post_content in the database shows this:

    <!-- wp:acf/alert {"id":"block_6322f7e222bc2","name":"acf/alert","data":{"style":"jd-alert-primary","_style":"field_605a25cbfd38d","content":"test","_content":"field_605a25703f166","animation":"0","_animation":"field_605d359101c4c"},"align":"","mode":"preview"} /-->

    <!– wp:paragraph –>
    <p>lorem ipsum</p>
    <!– /wp:paragraph –>

    when im logged in the custom alert block is showing when im not logged in only the <p>lorem ipsum</p> is showing.

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