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ACF bi relationship returning ID value

  • Hello, I am a website developer for a medical clinic and there I created custom post_types such as specialties, specialists and units and I need to relate all this information in an intelligent and dynamic way. I’m using ACF V6.0.6 and Pods to create the post_types.

    I followed this tutorial as a guide ->, I did everything exactly the same, but it didn’t work as expected, in fact the bi relational part is working perfectly, the only problem is: The result printed on the screen is coming as ID instead of object post, I want to display the Speciallist specialty that’s all! But, the speciality ID comes instead of the speciality name.

    PRINT-03 ACF.png (Ex: Dr. Alice is an ophthalmologist)

    PRINT-04 and PRINT05 show me adding the ACF to the Oxygen builder, but the result shows the ID, not the name of the specialty I need.

  • Prints below

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