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  • Hi,

    There is a new field in github repo that do exaclty on thing: select and preview an uploaded audio/video file.

    talking about multimedia, wordpress has become really powerfull both with embedded content as well as uploaded content.

    I think that ACF should go to the next level including an advanced field that gives the abilitiy to select and preview an uploaded audio/video file.

    With current acf fields you can add an audio/video only using the “file selection” field, that, from a multimedia point of view, is a little bit poor and gives a low user experience.

    The suggested field include the ability to select some playback options such as, autoplay, loop, and alternative source (poster selection for video is missing).

    Another good option is that you can select “shortcode” as the returning value of the field, and this gives the ability to show in frontend the multimedia file directly, without writing additional php code.

    This fields uses the mediaelements library to preview audio/video in the edit post screen. This increase the consistency of the field.

    I think that this field is a really good starting point and should be take in consideration for merging into acf core.

    +1 for this.

    Thank in advance.

  • ACF 5 includes an oEmbed field that allows adding videos. The other options you looking for I can’t say. But the oEmbed field outputs the code needed to play the video.

  • The oEmbed field is very useful for external content, but does not work with media library files, such as mp4 videos or mp3 audio files.

    The acf audio/video field is the missing tile. A field that let user select and preview an audio or video file uploaded to the media library.

  • The best chance of getting what you’re looking for is a new support ticket if you’re looking to get something added to ACF.. or contacting the developer directly, but a support ticket is the fastest way for most people to do that. The reason is that the developer does not often visit the forum just to read what’s been posted, created or requested. it’s not that he doesn’t like us, it’s just that he’s too busy working on ACF to get here much.

  • Hi @hube2,
    I thought this was the place to suggest and submit a new field.

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll submit a ticket.

  • It is, for other users of ACF to see. This is a user to user forum and for the most part only other users look at this. I am a user and I help out here by making sure that questions get answered if I can answer them. There are a few people here that help out with this in an attempt to make sure that users are not neglected.

    I’m just saying that if you’re goal is to attract the attention of the developer that this might be the wrong place. You might also try twitter or some other social networks, I don’t know.

    It does look like a decent add on for those that need this type of thing. But then again that’s why E has made is easy for others to create add on fields. There are many types of fields that would be good but may not be something that will get incorporated into ACF core. I’ve created one or two of my own. Since previewing videos is something that WP core will let you do now I imagine that eventually it will be something that will find it’s way into a field type in ACF.

    I was curious, so I did a little looking. You don’t need to do a lot of coding in order to add the automated video code currently available in WP. Check this out, or was that what you were talking about? Most of my clients that use video wither use something like youtube or wistia and I generally need to build something custom for 3rd party sites like wistia. Most videos that a user might upload are too large and we don’t supply hosting for large videos, which is one of the reasons I have not put a lot of effort into working with them on any site I’ve built. Serving large video files requires a lot of server resources and bandwidth that you don’t get from your run of the mill hosting.

  • Hi John,
    I’ve opened a ticket and they will reply as soon as possible.

    Building the wp video shortcode is not an headache, it’s really easy to do starting from a video or audio url.

    But the field I’ve suggest is intended to give a better user experience in the edit post screen.

    When you select an image using the acf iamge field, people expects that an image preview will show up. And this is what happens with acf image field.

    If I would have a field for selecting a media file (video/audio) using an acf field, I expect to get a preview of that meda file after the selection. I think This is an expected behavior speaking of media files.

    The built in acf file field is useful but it’s more friendly for selecting non-media files, such as documents, zip, pdf, or other file types.

    Wordpress uses medialements to build html video and audio player in frontend. So it will be very easy to implement an acf audio/video field that gives users a preview interface of the media file selected.

    We can say also that WordPress is moving into the more global cms direction. and thinking about people and webmasrters that gives to their clients an easy to use editor access to manage and uploads, this would be an more easy and user frindly interface.

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