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ACF and WPML – Translate fields groups and fields settings

  • Hi there,

    I normally use WPML with Types but since I’ve used ACF on another project (non multilingual) I liked it so much I decided to buy the Pro version.

    I now have a multilingual project and need some clarification on translating the Fields Groups and the Fields settings.

    1) Why must we make Fields Groups translatable as stated on I don’t understand this. I do not want to create different fields groups for each language. I want them to be exactly the same…

    2) How can I translate only the fields settings? Like “Instructions” and eventually “Field Label”

  • Hi @webdados

    Thanks for the post.

    Each language within your multilingual site will require it’s own translation of a field group. The “Fields” option on the other hand has to be left as Do nothing as to avoid conflicts when loading fields.

    You can then edit the field’s label, settings but the field’s name must remain constant across all translations. This is because ACF uses the field’s name to save it’s data.

    I hope this makes things clear.

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