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ACF and Polylang languages not shown

  • Hi,

    A few days ago I’ve installed ACF and Polylang on a new WordPress website.

    ACF version: 4.4.10
    Polylang: 2.0.5

    I find it strange that I’m not able to make different ACF groups per language?

    Now I remember that in the past when I did the same installation that I could just create other groups per language, I saw the flags of the languages I’ve created on the and of the group line.

    Am I missing something or is there no support anymore between ACF and Polylang?

  • Hi @pureweb

    I believe you should add ACF as the post type that needs to be translated. You should be able to do it like this:

    add_filter('pll_get_post_types', 'unset_cpt_pll', 10, 2);
    function unset_cpt_pll( $post_types, $is_settings ) {
        $post_types['acf'] = 'acf';
        return $post_types;

    For further information, kindly get in touch with Polylang support.

    I hope this helps ­čÖé

  • Hi James,

    This worked thank you very much!

    Just to make sure, this piece of code needs to be placed in the functions.php file? I know it works but I don’t want my code to just hang around on wrong places…

  • Hi @pureweb

    I’m sorry I forgot to let you know where to put it. Yes, you should put it in your functions.php file.

    Thanks ­čÖé

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  • Hi guys,
    5 years later….:-)
    Does this code still work? I’ve placed it in my functions.php, but I still can’t get the acf to translate to my 2nd language..!

    Any further help will be hugely appreciated!!!

  • 5 years and 3 monhs later, the same┬┐? how we can solve this┬┐? it’s so strange┬┐?

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