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ACF and Custom Post List

  • Good morning,
    I’m new to WordPress so I hope you’ll excuse me for the possible naiveté that I’ll write.

    I have a WP website where I have several pages for each category of my article. I didn’t liked the categories as where showed by default so I installed the getwid block plugin and I’m using its customized post list. The fact is that for every list entries I want to add a link or something else that redirect to the pdf version of the aforementioned articles.
    I’ve thus tried to set via acf a download pdf field set either as a media file or as a link and tried to incorporate that in the custom post list but the only things that shows me are “array” or “1005”.

    Can anything be done?

    I thanks in advance whoever will choose to uses his time for helping me out.


    P.s. In case it was the wrong section to post this question, I’m sorry.

  • P.p.s. I forgot to write that I’ve tried to incorporate the field either with the shortcode and with the custom field block provided by default.

    (sorry for the double post)

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